315 Sunny Days
Sunday, 26. June 2016
315 Sunny Days

Actual weather & predictions

Naturno, the charming little market town near the city of Merano, offers a mild climate with less rainfall than anywhere else in the eastern Alps and 315 days of sun a year! The exceptionally sunny cliamte has a great effect on the village people and visitors alike and everyone appreciates the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

General weather today:

A perturbation is reaching the Alps from the North.

Weather today:

Specially during the morning quite sunny, nevertheless thundery rain showers are already possible. In the afternoon and evening they will become more frequent.

Weather today:
Temp. min.:18°
Temp. max.:29°

Mountain weather today:

Temp. at 2.000m:16°
Temp. at 3.000m:
0° limit:3800m

Weather development:

27.06. 28.06. 29.06.
Weather development:  27.06. Weather development:  28.06. Weather development:  29.06.
Temp. min.:10° Temp. min.:10° Temp. min.:11°
Temp. max.:30° Temp. max.:30° Temp. max.:29°
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