315 Sunny Days
Friday, 26. August 2016
315 Sunny Days

Actual weather & predictions

Naturno, the charming little market town near the city of Merano, offers a mild climate with less rainfall than anywhere else in the eastern Alps and 315 days of sun a year! The exceptionally sunny cliamte has a great effect on the village people and visitors alike and everyone appreciates the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

General weather today:

High pressure conditions.

Weather today:

Some low stratus clouds in the morning, then it will be very sunny.

Weather today:
Temp. min.:18°
Temp. max.:31°

Mountain weather today:

Temp. at 2.000m:20°
Temp. at 3.000m:11°
0° limit:4700m

General weather tomorrow:

Weather tomorrow:

Weather tomorrow:
Temp. min.:17°
Temp. max.:32°

Mountain weather tomorrow:

Temp. at 2.000m:20°
Temp. at 3.000m:10°
0° limit:4600m

Weather development:

Sunny and summery weather on Saturday. High valley fog will dissolve in the morning, the cumulus clouds in the afternoon will mostly remain harmless. Sunny conditions also on Sunday but isolated thunderstorms are possible. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon more thunderstorms can develop.

28.08. 29.08. 30.08.
Weather development:  28.08. Weather development:  29.08. Weather development:  30.08.
Temp. min.:11° Temp. min.:11° Temp. min.:11°
Temp. max.:32° Temp. max.:30° Temp. max.:29°
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