315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Staben (552m)

The small village of Stava lies on both sides of the Etsch river, around 3km from Naturno. Stava is a traditional Vinschgau settlement, running mainly along the former main road.

Like the village of Tablà, Stava was also a separate municipality in the past. In 1928 the village was joined with the municipality of Naturno. Today Stava has around 360 inhabitants.

Even in the Middle Ages Stava was renowned for its hospitality. There was even a health resort in the "Bad Kochenmoos" inn which provided hospitality to illustrious guests taking a break from the exertions of their travels.


The small white sanctuary "Our Dear Lady" on the shores of the Etsch river also dates back to Roman times. A short distance from the town centre on the road to Cirlano, you will find the ruins of the St. Laurentius church. Waggoners and wanderers of days gone by would often seek refuge here and were on occasion stripped of their possession by bands of unscrupulous thieves.

The ruins were carefully restored by the Association for the Preservation of Local Heritage, and is lovingly cared for and maintained by its members. Equally so the cornfields right next to the church, which have been revived and are farmed using traditional methods of agriculture to preserve the cultural landscape of bygone days. From St. Laurentius you can enjoy the spectacular view of the countryside of Naturno and the surrounding area.

The newly erected "Adventure Station" in Schnalstal is also worth a visit. From May to October you can enjoy a trip on the Garden railway with mini steam-engine and diesel-engine or a fun draisine (handcar) ride.

Since the Stava bypass tunnel was built in 2004, Stava has gained an increased quality of life and has grown as a holiday destination. The return of the Vinschgau railway and the construction of the inter-parish cycle path has also greatly improved the accessibility of the villages. Either by bus or by train, you can get to the centre of Naturno comfortably in just 5 minutes.


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