315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Merano and Surrounding Area Bus Card

With the Merano Bus Card you can travel on all the buses in the Merano area at a price of €15.00 per week.

Discover the spa town of Merano, the picturesque villages and the richly-contrasting landscape around Naturno from the Schnalstal glacier to the Trauttmansdorff botanic gardens, from the Timmelsjoch to the Ultental valley, in comfort, by bus.


The use of public transport also allows you to access both an incredible number of walking paths with a variety of set-off and arrival points and the countless cable-cars in the area.

And so you can spend a happy holiday without having to use your car, right at the time when petrol prices are exploding you can save both your holiday funds and the hunt for a parking place, with the expense that it entails.

Travelling by bus you can forget your worries about traffic, and can enjoy the countryside in peace and quiet, have a friendly chat, or simply relax.

The Merano and Surrounding Area Bus Card can be found at the Naturno Tourist Information Office, in many Tourist offices in the Merano area or from your landlord/lady.


We wish you a safe journey!

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