315 Sunny Days
Sunday, 04. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Eating & Drinking – Naturno on a plate

The local South Tyrolean food shows evidence of the region’s history, its various cultures and different geographical features.

In this part of the country, the original, simple country recipes of years ago meet with a lighter kind of Mediterranean cooking to make an attractive, extremely popular selection of what are now called “autonomous” specialities. The various geographical features of this Alpine region have had a considerable influence on what people eat and, in fact, a number of isolated villages and valleys have only recently opened up to influences from the outside world.

Local farmers and villagers tended to eat whatever they and their families managed to grow and produce and, even now, many restaurants, guest houses and hotels mainly serve dishes made with local ingredients which respect the surroundings and general health of the people.


The most popular South Tyrol specialities include “Canederli” – flavoured bread dumplings, “Schlutzkrapfen” – half-moon shaped, filled pastry pockets and, of course, apple Strudel. You can sample all these and other delicious dishes in the Alpine refuge huts and traditional guesthouses as well as in more elegant, acclaimed restaurants and hotels.

Locally-grown asparagus is also especially popular. Healthy, easily-digested, tasty asparagus is used in a range of recipes or simply boiled lightly and served with the well-loved, local egg yolk and olive oil “Salsa Bolzanina” and a glass of cool, light, locally-produced Sauvignon. South Tyrol is known for its excellent food and wine and, as wine plays an important part, Naturno is of course justly proud of its two award-winning wineries.


Want to know more? We’re sure you’ll appreciate our tempting, delicious South Tyrol specialities. Just take a look here at our Gastronomic Guide!



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