315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Welcome to the Church and the Museum of St. Prokulus!

The St. Prokulus church and the museum of St. Prokulus, built in 2006, brings 1,500 years of history in the region around Naturno in South Tyrol to life.

Near the eastern entrance of Naturno you can find the little church of St. Prokulus embedded in the apple orchards of the valley floor. You will notice at once that this church is extremely old, but what cannot be seen from the outside is that hidden in this unassuming church are frescoes which are some of the most important art treasures in Europe.

The St. Prokulus museum is just opposite the church, although it is not easily identifiable due to the fact it is built entirely underground and the only part visible from the outside is the front door. The museum has four multimedia ‘time stations’, each relating to a different period of history: late antiquity, early and late Middle Ages and early modern times, and also exhibited are some of the Gothic frescoes which were removed from the church as well as many archaeological artefacts.


An insight into the history of this particular little church and interesting information about the artefacts and frescoes, as well as important information such as opening times and contact information for the Prokulus Ensemble (church and museum) - can be found on the following pages...

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