315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

On this page you find all the information needed for an amusing family holiday.

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For Families

A hearty welcome to Naturno to all the family!
When planning a family holiday with the kids, usually priorities change.

You need to get the destination just right so that even the youngest member of the family can feel at home and have fun. This means that the adults can enjoy themselves more as well.


The concept of a family holiday in Naturno is so full of variety that it goes well beyond the usual ‘play park and children's activity program'. With our "family experts" - the managers of the local family hotels - as well as specialised guides, our calendar of events is meticulously organised for our smallest guests without neglecting the needs of all members of the family.


Bring a smile on your face with the summer highlight: Naturno laughs!

You can decide on and organise your holiday with your loved ones in your own unique way. You can find all the ingredients for a perfect family holiday in our weekly program for young and old.
Naturno as a holiday resort has so much to offer for a family holiday: places to relax, for adventure, to have fun, play ball, run around and laugh as well as, of course, the largest and most diverse ‘playground' of all, the natural environment, right outside your hotel door.



Children's fun day in Naturno on Peer.tv


We recommend a visit to the Texel Group Nature Park visitor centre not just when the weather's bad. Here you can come into contact with practically all of the plants and animals in the Texel Group Nature Park, all under one roof.


Since re-opening the Vinschgerbahn railway line in 2005, many things in this region revolve around these tracks. Don't miss a visit to the Adventure Station of Stava/Naturno where you can enjoy a ride on the miniature steam engine or draisine (handcar). And for those who would like to immerse themselves in the world of locomotives in South Tyrol, reproduced in miniature, a visit to Train World in Rablà is a must.

Tree climbers and acrobats who want to test their limits will feel at home on the high ropes courses and rock-climbing walls around Naturno. Here you can train under the guidance of expert instructors and safely climb ‘imaginary' 3,000m peaks. If this has whetted your appetite, the next day you will probably want to go on an adventurous climbing trip with the whole family.

A trip in a cable car can be lots of fun. In just a few minutes you can reach the highest peaks from the valley floor. Everything becomes really small and people and cars look like toys, or like ants moving across the landscape. Children always need new perspectives, and they can find just that in Naturno. One can choose to observe the world from an altitude of 500 to 3,000m, and in the space of just a few minutes move from palm trees to mountain huts. Not just adults, but even the youngest visitor in a pushchair, or teenagers looking for adventure, can enjoy special excursions in Naturno. Choose now the excursion which best suits you and your family!

And for those of you who think children are not interested in history, wait until you see the Archeopark in the Schnalstal valley. There is so much to choose from: from Reinhold Messner's Juval castle to the place where Ötzi the Iceman was found...a trip back to the late Stone Age can become a real adventure!

Splash! Have fun in the water and swim in the indoor and outdoor pools, go on the slides, in the hot tubs and play areas. Everything a water-loving family could wish for is at the Erlebnisbad/Acquavventura pool complex in Naturno. Many visitors book their tickets in advance, just ask at your hotel!


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