315 Sunny Days
Sunday, 04. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Riesling Days – Gourmet autumn in Naturno

10.10. - 15.11.2015: Gourmet and Autumn - inseparable in Naturno. Autumn in South Tyrol is not only a mass of colours, but also an infinity of culinary delights that knows no bounds.

At this time of year you should really give yourself, your appetite, your senses and your soul a treat. This is all too easy with the many highlights of Naturno Gourmet autumn.

We start off at the beginning of autumn with rural delicacies in the "5th season", Törggelen time.

Every Wednesday in October one can find a traditional Törggelen party by the village fountain with roast chestnuts, new wine and traditional cakes, all accompanied by local musicians. In the middle of October 2015, the Südtiroler Spitzbuam will be playing at the Törggelen Festival and officially opening the Speciality Weeks of "Sonnenberg Farming Cuisine".

The highlight of Gourmet autumn in Naturno is the 11th Riesling-days South Tyrol Naturno from 10.10 to 15.11.2015. Gala menus, prepared by top chef from a number of Italian provinces, Riesling-tasting menus, tasting sessions of the very best of national and international Riesling wines, wine tastings from acclaimed winegrowers and wine trips to the best cellars. This program leaves no wish unfulfilled.

So that's autumn in Naturno - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...


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