315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Ötzi Alpine Marathon

16.04.2016: In the end of April when the apple trees are blossoming in the valleys and all the fun of the snow is still in full swing on the glaciers, the time is ripe for a unique sporting event.

The Ötzi Alpine Marathon is an opportunity for resilient and determined sports fans to see and experience the contrast-rich landscape from the Naturno valley right up to the age-old ice, either as individual entrants or as part of a team.

Athletes make their way from the fruit orchards in the valley - Reinhold Messner's summer residence is in view - up to Naturno's Sonnenberg mountain. From there you carry on through the Schnalstal valley, past Maso Corto and finish at the 3,200m high Schnalstal glacier, overlooking the spot where Ötzi the Iceman was discovered.

So a somewhat different triathlon then, by bike, in running shoes and touring skis over the classic marathon distance; conquering these 3,300 metres isn't for the faint-hearted.

Come along too, have fun, be amazed, astounded and cheer for joy, experience far horizons and share many happy moments with all those who reach the finish line.

A very special race with special athletes in a unique landscape.


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