315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Our Alpine Wellness Weekly Program contains a wide range of special offers for families and children.

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Alpine Wellness

Draw new strength from nature in the only certified Alpine Wellness holiday resort in South Tyrol. Alpine Wellness follows a philosophy of life unique in its kind; in Naturno Alpine Fitness and a healthy, wholesome diet are the foundation of everything.

Through various activities in nature, either individually or under the guidance of professional instructors, and a healthy diet based on local natural products, you will reach a conscious balance between body and spirit that can lead to a deep personal well-being.

The unique philosophy of Alpine Wellness requires meeting strict quality criteria and addressing carefully the needs of each guest. In the Alpine Wellness town of Naturno, guests can expect a rich variety of fitness, relaxation and pampering in full Alpine style.


The requirements for certification as an "Alpine Wellness" town in the case of Naturno were met because of its geographical position and the special climatic conditions of the region. Alpine nature itself embodies all possibilities of well-being, health and fitness, as it combines rejuvenating, medicinal, pharmaceutical, therapeutic and fitness properties all into one.

Alpine Wellness involves, in addition to the positive effects of the Alpine altitude and pleasant climate, a return to one's roots. The perception of nature, culture and quality of life, the opportunity for personal encounters, and the magic of silence and contemplation make Naturno the ideal meeting place for lovers of mountain life.

The events of the Alpine Wellness Weekly Program, under the guidance of expert instructors, with highlights such as the Meran-o Vitae Health Festival and the offers of our accommodation partner companies completes your feel-good "Alpine Wellness" package.

In the Alpine environment of clean mountain air, breathtaking panoramic views, pure mountain water and local produce, you can rejuvenate both your body and soul. In a very short time you will benefit from the unpolluted natural environment which surrounds you, and take a completely new way of life home with you as a holiday gift, which will strengthen you and give you energy in your everyday life



An ideal vacation spot for recharging body and soul:


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