315 Sunny Days
Wednesday, 07. December 2016
315 Sunny Days

Numerous hikes around Naturno are also suited for children.

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Hiking can be many things, but most of all it is healthy. You can walk quickly or slowly, uphill or on the flat, go for a stroll, meander, practise Nordic-walking, go running, mountaineering or climbing - all of this can be hiking.

If you're looking for activities during your holiday in South Tyrol then hiking should be at the top of your list. In Naturno hikers have 3 types of contrasting landscapes at their disposition in which to move freely surrounded by nature: hiking in the apple orchards at the base of the valley around Merano with its mild Mediterranean climate; hiking at medium altitude between the valley floor and 1,500 metres; and hiking at high altitude in the mountains over the tree line and up to 3,000m on the peaks of the Texel Group of mountains.

If you avert your gaze upwards from the valley floor to the sides you will see Sonnenberg mountain (sunny mountain - a very apt name) and Nörderberg mountain, two landscapes with very few similarities.


On Mount Sonnenberg one has the impression of finding oneself in very arid Mediterranean countryside. On this side of the valley, which is always sun-kissed and is rich in both flora and fauna, one can go hiking and practise excursions all year round. The opposite is true for Mount Nörderberg. Here there are dense conifer forests, picturesque mountain lakes, peaceful glades and, during the summer months, many Alpine huts are open due to the fact that while the temperature down in the valley rises, the conifer forests are lovely and cool so people and animals alike feel better here.

Hiking highlights in Naturno:


A real "natural" experience is an excursion in the Texel Group Nature Park. Covering 33,000 hectares, it is the largest of the 7 natural parks in South Tyrol.


A new challenge could be hiking along a part of or all of the ‘Höhenweg‘, or High Path, which runs for around 90 km along the mighty mountains of the Texel Group.


A more thought-provoking experience consists of a walk along the Meditation Path where you will be in sync with nature. It is a meditative path divided into various sections immersed in the forest landscape of Mount Nörderberg in Naturno.


A culinary pleasure walk consists of a tour of the alpine meadows and huts on Mount Nörderberg at the foot of the panoramic mountain, the Hochwart, in Naturno. After crossing thick shadowy forests you will come to try delicious local specialities like dumplings in soup and ‘Kaiserschmarrn', a type of sweet pancake with mountain cranberry sauce.


A refreshing change in the hiking program consists of walks and hikes along the ancient ‘Waalwege', paths which follow the irrigation channels. The sound of these small water irrigation channels will accompany you along the entire hike which takes place nearly all on the flat. Immerse yourself in the history of our unique cultivated landscape.

Last but not least, don't forget about our little "aids", such as the taxi which will take you to various cable cars and funiculars, so that you can begin your hike exactly where you should, directly on the perfectly cared-for paths around Naturno.

It is well known that hiking makes you hungry and thirsty, and that's why along both sides of the valley, on Mount Sonnenberg and Mount Nörderberg, you will find over 50 mountain inns, Alpine huts and farmhouses on Alpine pastures serving delicious home-made produce and local specialities.


We haven't forgotten about guided hiking tours, either. Just relax and immerse yourself totally in the mountainous landscape without worrying about the programming or organisation of your hike. Nature hikes, culinary hikes, hikes the whole family can enjoy, hikes to Alpine pastures, to glaciers, or with lamas....we've thought of everything!

For customised planning all you need to do is consult our website or ask at the Tourist Office where you will find suggested hikes, maps, public transport and cable car timetables, opening times of the various eateries, up to date weather forecasts and anything else a hiker could wish for.

We wish you lots of enjoyment and fun during your hikes and excursions in Naturno!


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